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Imitating Housework

“My Little Neat-Freak”

  • image022Many kids love imitating adults in everyday activities. Give your child tasks to do that are easy to achieve. These tasks should help build confidence and don’t require you “fixing” the task when your child is finished helping!
  • Tasks such as “wiping the table” with a dry or wet cloth and dusting tables with a light duster are great activities to keep your child busy for awhile.
  • When putting toys away, have your child bring them to you from the play area so you can put them back in the right spot.
  • When cleaning the kitchen, give your child things (non breakable) to put in the garbage.
  • Provide a washcloth to “help” you clean the walls and tub when your child is taking a bath.
  • Remember that your child likes to do these things because he sees you doing them and enjoys receiving praise. Tasks should be done while you are present to positively reinforce behaviors.