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Identifying the Numbers 1 through 5

“It’s all a numbers game”


5 index cards, each with a number from 1-5 written on it. Try to make the numbers the same size.

  • Show each card to your child, saying the number that is on the card while showing it. Start with one and show your child each number, in order, to five. See if your child can name each number when shown given in order.
  • Put the cards in random order (e.g., 2,4,5,3,1). Now see if your child can still name all the numbers correctly.
  • Mix all the cards up and then lay them on a table in a row. Ask your child to point to the correct number when named.
  • When your child correctly identifies all the numbers consistently, see if he can show you the corresponding correct number of fingers when shown a card and says the correct number (e.g., Your child is shown the card two, says two, and holds up two fingers).