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Identifying Body Parts

“Know Thyself”

Play fun, interactive games with your child while pointing and labeling body parts.  Start with more common body parts (e.g., feet, hands, belly), then move on to more advanced body parts (e.g, fingers, elbow, knee, etc.).   Guide your child’s finger to the body parts you label.

  • Sing songs, such as “If You Are Happy and You Know It” (touch your nose; clap your hands; stamp your feet) and move or touch the body part as you label it.
  • Point to body parts on animals, characters and people as you look through books and photographs of family members.
  • Bathing and dressing are good daily activities to make your child more aware of his body parts.  As you wash your child, label the body part that you are washing.  As you place the articles of clothing on him, label each body part as you are placing the clothing on.
  • Using a mirror can be very helpful and interesting to your child because it increases self-awareness.