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Hopping Forward Ten Feet on Either Foot Without Help

“Let’s Go Do The Hop!”

  • Demonstrate hopping forward on one foot for your child.
  • Talk about what you are doing as you are completing the skill.
  • Repeat hopping several times for your child. Encourage your child to try the skill independently. At first, you may need to hold your child steady while he is lifting one leg off the ground. Show your child how to angle the foot off the ground at a right angle, and allow your child to “push off” of you to begin hopping.
  • Observe your child hopping forward along the ground. Encourage your child to continue for at least 10 hops.
  • If your child continues to have difficulty, you can encourage him to hop in one place over and over (if support is needed at first, have your child lean on furniture at first), or have your child move forward at first while holding onto a moving object (e.g., toy shopping cart, a stroller, a broomstick that you are holding in front of your child).