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Helping To Dry After a Bath

“UGH! Twisted Wet Pajamas!”

  • Provide your child with opportunities to wash and dry dolls and toys.
  • Give your child a small cloth or dishtowel to practice drying dolls and toys.
  • Have your child accompany you to the store to select a personal towel.
  • Fun, colorful towels with your child’s favorite character will encourage drying after a bath.
  • Model drying your child with the towel.
  • Label each body part as you model drying.
  • Prompt your child to get the towel before going into the bath.
  • Place the towel next to the tub so that your child can independently retrieve it.
  • Narrate actions as your child dries body parts.
  • Enjoy as your child helps to dry after the bath.