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“That’s A Fine How-Do-Ya-Do!”

    • During the course of your child’s day, wave and say “hi,” and/or “bye” each time someone enters or leaves the room.
    • Say “hi” when taking out toys, and “bye” when you are putting them away.
    • Say “bye-bye” at the end of a book or television show.
    • Look out the window and say “hello” as people approach and “bye-bye,” as they pass.
    • Play “Peek-a-boo,” and/or “Hide and Seek” with your child.  Say “bye-bye” as you hide and “hi” as you peak out.
    • Model greetings throughout the day.  Ask your child to greet people as they come and go.
    • Re-enforce your child’s greetings with verbal praise, (e.g., “good talking”) and give your child a hug.
    • Prompt your child to respond to the greetings of others, using the above techniques.