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“Hi, Nice To See You. Thanks For Stopping By. How’ve You Been?”

You and your child can practice using social greetings (Hi, Bye, Good Morning, Good Night) with puppets or dolls. If the puppets or dolls don’t already have a name, you can have your child pick out names for them.

  • Using your doll, greet your child’s doll with “Hello (Doll’s name). How are you doing today?
  • Wait to see if your child responds spontaneously with “Hi,” ”Good,” or another appropriate greeting.
  • Teach your child to use non-verbal greetings as well, touching the doll’s hand while saying “Hi.”
  • If your child is uncomfortable speaking for the puppet, ask your child what the puppet/doll might say when greeted.
  • Give your child choices to pick from if your child has difficulty giving an answer independently.  For example, after your doll says “Hi,” ask if your child’s doll should respond with “Hello” or “No, Thank you.”

Another activity to help your child practice social greetings can be done while reading a book. Your child can greet each person/animal when they first appear in the story and ask your child to answer for the people when social greetings are exchanged.