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Great News from Up Wee Grow

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Important Announcement

Dear Providers,

Excellent News from Up Wee Grow and Achieve Beyond!

We want to share exciting news from our agency Up Wee Grow.  Since 1996 we have proudly served the pediatric special needs community throughout New York City and Long Island.  The three owners, Andrew, Lauren, and Anne have decided to transition to Achieve Beyond and focus primarily on our clinical expertise – providing direct evaluations for children in Early Intervention and CPSE. We will also still be working on various projects to help ensure the ongoing success of Up Wee Grow in our new home, Achieve Beyond.

This move unlocks new opportunities for our talented team, as together we’ll have access to greater resources for employee and therapist growth. This change will have a strong and positive impact on our clinical support to children and families.

We’re Stronger Together!

Achieve Beyond is acquiring Up Wee Grow; a significant step forward in our shared mission to provide the highest quality of pediatric therapy and autism services.  Combined, Up Wee Grow and Achieve Beyond have a combined 57 years of experience in the Early Intervention and CPSE services field having opened in 1996 and 1995 respectively.  This acquisition not only broadens our reach in New York, but also strengthens our clinical resources and enables Achieve Beyond to meet the diverse needs of our clients.  The merger of agencies will add SEIT and ABA insurance to our available services offered, as well as the region of Westchester.

Together, we will achieve remarkable strides in the type and number of services we offer, and we will make an even bigger impact in the lives of those we support daily. We look forward to the wonderful collaboration and achievements ahead of us as we grow and evolve as one united team!

What Does This Acquisition Mean for You as an Up Wee Grow Therapist?

  • The great news is that you will be able to continue working – just as you currently are – in the exact same way with Achieve Beyond as you have been working with Up Wee Grow.
  • You will meet with a member from Achieve Beyond (either virtually or in person at one of their offices) to obtain a new contract.  You can simply Sign, Return, and keep doing your thing – providing excellent service to all the children on your caseload!
  • Achieve Beyond will be offering orientation for providers to clearly explain the billing procedures and timelines, as well as the point of contact for each program. Achieve Beyond is excited to bring you on board!
  • And now for the best part: Instead of being paid once per month, you will now be paid twice per month! 

Be an Early Intervention Early Bird

In the spirit of fostering connection, Achieve Beyond will be hosting open house dates throughout May starting on 5/7 where Up Wee Grow providers will be able to visit our administrative offices (in either Melville or Forest Hills). For your convenience you may wish to schedule a virtual meeting.

It is important that credentialing is started as soon as possible to avoid any lapse in ability to provide services. The official last date of services through Up Wee Grow will be 9/6/24.  Service Coordinators will work with families to obtain consent and update IFSPs accordingly.  As of June, new Evaluations will be completed through Achieve Beyond.

This will provide an excellent opportunity to reconnect with the familiar Up Wee Grow staff members you’ve worked with for years in their new offices at Achieve Beyond. This will also be an excellent opportunity to get to know the Achieve Beyond staff, submit credentialing documentation, ask any and all questions, and to familiarize yourself with our shared goals and values.

Please sign up for a time to meet with Achieve Beyond on the following links:

Registration Links:

Our Promise to You from Achieve Beyond & Up Wee Grow:

Achieve Beyond & Up Wee Grow will work to make your transition as quick, easy, and smooth as possible so you know that you will have continued employment and a clinical and administrative staff of familiar and new faces that cares about you, and so that you know your children’s services with you will not be affected.

We look forward to our journey together!

Warm Regards,

Achieve Beyond & Up Wee Grow

Julia Sue Matuza, MA, BCBA/LBA
Chief Executive Officer – Achieve Beyond Pediatric Therapy & Autism Services

Andrew Vaughan, Ph.D.
Lauren Resnick, MS, CCC, SLP
Anne Long, MS, Sp.Ed.

Registration Links:
Registration Links