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Following 3-Step Directions

“1, 2 Buckle Your Shoe, (Then Put On Your Coat, and Finally, Go Fly A Kite)”

As your child masters following 2-step directions, introduce 3 step commands involving:

  • 1 action and 3 objects, (eg., Bring me the shoe, cup, and ball.”)
  • 3 actions and 1 object (e.g., “Get the cup, go to the kitchen, and put the cup in the sink.”)
  • 3 objects that are related (e.g., “Put the baby doll on the chair and give her the bottle.”)
  • Give your child cues such as pointing, reaching, or providing hand over hand assistance when necessary.  Reduce and then eliminate these cues as your child becomes increasingly more successful.   Remember to give positive reinforcement with all correct responses (e.g., verbal praise, high fives, hugs, smiles).