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Following 1 Step Directions

“Take (and follow) One Step At a Time”

Include your child in daily routines, play activities and chores.  Ask him to do things with you and for you.  Your child may initially need gestures and contextual cues to understand and follow simple directions.  Providing situations that will give your child hints about what is expected can be helpful as well.

  • Give your child a baby doll and a bottle and say, “Feed the baby.”
  • Roll a ball to your child and say, “Roll it back to me,” with your arms extended.
  • Point to a cup on the table and say, “Give me the cup,” while extending your hand.
  • Make sure your directions are clear (e.g., “Get the ball”, rather than “Get it.”).
  • Make sure directions are brief (e.g., “Get the ball”, rather than “Go over there and bring the ball back over here.”).
  • Remember to praise your child as he responds correctly by smiling, hugging, and giving verbal praise such as “Good job.”