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Finger Feeding

“Finger Foods”

Eating with the fingers allows your child to enhance skills such as coordination, grasping, and independence.


  • Introduce foods that are easy to hold.
  • Point to the food and then to your child’s mouth.
  • Guide your child’s hand to pick up the food and bring it to his mouth.
  • Cut your own food into pieces and present it so your child can be part of the family meal.
  • Demonstrate eating with your fingers.
  • Verbally direct your child to pick up the food, put it to his mouth and chew it.
  • Feed your child and allow him to feed you.
  • Introduce finger snacks during play.
  • Encourage your child to feed dolls and stuffed animals.
  • Allow your child to put fingers in things like ice cream, yogurt, etc. Have your child lift the foods off his fingers.
  • Keep non-refrigerated (goldfish, cereal) snacks in a bowl. Place the snack where your child can reach it. This will allow your child to finger feed throughout the day.