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Payday Right Away and Electronic Billing Tutorials

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>>Payday>>Right Awayfrom Up Wee Grow!


Get paid by the 23rd of the month for all Therapy Sessions correctly submitted to Up Wee Grow with our Electronic Billing and payment method: >>Payday >>Right Away!


All Up Wee Grow 1099 Teachers & Therapists can participate in >>Payday >>Right Away!


Submit all your therapy/teaching service billing electronically – for the first half of the month by the 20th and for the second half of the month by the 5th – including cancelled sessions, Non-Delivery Forms, Signatures forms/Confirmation of telehealth logs – this does not include manual billing or sessions that need corrections.

If you’re not yet on-board with electronic billing, Up Wee Grow has made it easy, fast, and simple:

(1) Enjoy our user-friendly Tutorial Videos available below.

(2) Enjoy Up Wee Grow’s Electronic Billing Live (and Recorded) Webinars (stay tuned!)

(3) Enjoy Up Wee Grow’s Printed User-Guide

(4) Enjoy ONE-ON-ONE LESSONS with Up Wee Grow Staff who will teach you our simple Electronic Billing procedure (Just email now to set up your personal lesson!)


(1) Electronic Billing is EASY (especially with training and support from the Up Wee Grow staff!)

(2) Electronic Billing is ACCURATE (eliminates errors and omissions)

(3) Electronic Billing is EFFICIENT and saves you time

(4) Electronic Billing makes your AUDITS & RECORD KEEPING a b-r-e-e-z-e!

To learn more and get started just email

>>Payday >>Right Away! >>

These tutorial videos show you how to get up and running with Enter Claims and Payday Right Away with Up Wee Grow: