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Drawing a Square, Triangle, and More Complex Shapes

“My Little Picasso!”


Your child imitates drawings of a square, triangle and diamond when shown how first.

You will need: blank sheets of white paper, crayons or markers suitable for your child.

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  • Sit at a table with your child. Make sure your child’s chair height is adequate, and both arms are able to rest on the table comfortably.
  • Offer your child a crayon and a piece of paper.
  • Tell your child you are going to draw different shapes and you want your child to try and copy them.
  • First start with a square. Draw the square on your paper, and then tell your child to “Draw a square like this” on your child’s paper.
  • If your child is able to copy the square without difficulty (with lines fairly perpendicular as expected), introduce him to the next shape. Continue to model each shape (triangle, diamond) until your child has no difficulty.
  • If your child is unable to make a square or the other shapes, here are some suggestions to help:  1) Tell your child to trace the shape with one finger, 2) Give a template square that your child can trace around to help learn the general format of the shape, 3) Draw a “dotted line” shape and then tell your child to draw a square over the dotted square.
  • Once your child is comfortable drawing all the shapes individually, see if he can now combine the shapes to create simple pictures (e.g., a triangle on top of a square to make a house).