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Does success leads to happiness, or does happiness leads to success?

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Do you believe that you will be happy when you are successful, or that you will be successful when you are happy?  For those who define “success” in financial terms: does money lead to happiness, or does happiness lead to money? 

Simply stated, if happiness is defined externally, then happiness will remain illusive to achieve and tenuous once “achieved.”  Therefore, it is important to understand why “success” is important to you. 

If your quest for “success” is for things outside of your control (e.g., the esteem of others) or unattainable (e.g., complete security in health, safety, and finance), be careful, because you will no doubt experience great frustration. 

If, on the other hand, your quest for “success” is for things that are attainable (e.g., education, healthy fun) and within your control (e.g., happiness), then congratulations!  You are already well on your way to being “successful” and all you need to do now is stay focused on your goals, remain adaptable, and enjoy your journey.