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Counting by Rote and with one-to-one correspondence

“You Can Count On It”


20 blocks (or other like objects)

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  • Line all the blocks up in a row and encourage your child to count as high as possible. If your child has difficulty starting, you can give him the first numbers while touching the blocks (e.g., touching the first block while saying “one”, touching the second block and saying “two”) and then encouraging your child to continue.
  • Encourage your child to start counting from a number different than one (e.g., start at the seventh block, saying seven, and then saying “Now you count, what comes after seven?”).
  • Ask your child to give you a certain amount of blocks from the group of blocks (e.g., “Give me four blocks; Give me eight blocks”). If he cannot give a certain number, try asking for a smaller number (if your child can’t give four blocks, try asking for three first).