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Completing Form-boards, Shape-sorters, and Puzzles


Cognitive Development Teaching Techniques

  • Encourage your child to become aware of things that go together (e.g., allow opportunities to experiment with putting lids on different pots, bread in the toaster, the plug in the tub drain, a button in a hole, etc.).
  • Make available form-boards, shape-sorters, and puzzles with interesting characters. Remove one piece from completed puzzles to allow your child to easily complete it. Then remove two pieces, etc.  This is called, “BACKWARD CHAINING” and it is a very useful teaching tool.
  • With a form-board or shape sorter, start with circles, then squares and triangles. Add more complex shapes as your child progresses. Use the same “BACKWARD CHAINING” technique to prompt completion of more complex puzzles as your child gets older.
  • Prompt and fade guidance of your child’s hands/pieces.
  • Complete entire tasks then just portions of tasks.
  • Point to the next piece and where it is to be placed.
  • Teaching by talking…coach with “Now we put in the ___ piece”.