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Coloring Inside Shapes and Pictures

“Between The Lines”

  • Make circles on white paper that are at least 5-6 inches in diameter.  To make this task easier for your child initially, make the circles out of raised outlines, using glue with glitter, sand, yard/string. This will make it easier to stay within the boundaries.
  • Text Box:  Show your child how to color within the lines, talking while you are drawing. Encourage your child to do the same, making sure strokes are small enough to remain inside the circle. Remind your child to slow down if moving too quickly, making it difficult for your child to stay inside. Once he has mastered this skill consistently, give your child circles to color inside drawn with marker.
  • Go on to coloring inside a variety of different shapes including, squares, triangles and diamonds.
  • Give a coloring book that catches your child’s attention (e.g., action figures, animals, favorite TV show).