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“How do I Stack Up?”

Stacking is an important developmental task because it:

  1. Builds persistence and attention span
  2. Builds pride in accomplishments
  3. Builds fine-motor and visual spatial skills
  4. Builds understanding of concepts “on top of,” “next to,” “front of,” “behind.”
  5. Builds planning, sequencing, and forethought (providing a solid foundation before moving forward).

Materials: nesting cups, stacking rings and post, blocks, food (boxes of cereal; tuna

cans; cookies), food containers (e.g., mixing bowls, plastic storage containers).

  • use hand-over-hand guidance to help stack
  • be animated and playful as you stack various items
  • point to your hands then to Your child’s hands)
  • use familiar verbal instructions for Your child
  • enjoy Your child’s independent stacking!