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Social Development – FEATS Techniques

Remaining with Caregivers in Public Places

Trying New Activities

“I Can Do It Myself!” The willingness to try a new activity is a great strength that reflects confidence and independence. Exposure to new activities also gives your child a chance to adapt and use the appropriate skill and behavior required to complete the new task....

Remaining with Caregivers in Public Places

Showing Toy Preferences

“What’s Your Favorite?” As independence and individuality grow, your child will likely show an interest in some toys over others.   Expose your child to a variety of toys. Don’t limit the exposure to “toys” only. Your child may prefer to play with “adult” objects...

Remaining with Caregivers in Public Places

Playing Ball

“We Want a Pitcher, Not a Belly-Itcher!”   Begin playing in front of a mirror so that you and your child can see all of your actions. At first, you may even want your child to sit in front on you (in between your legs) and with hand-over-hand assistance, you roll...

Remaining with Caregivers in Public Places


“Hi, Nice To See You. Thanks For Stopping By. How’ve You Been?” You and your child can practice using social greetings (Hi, Bye, Good Morning, Good Night) with puppets or dolls. If the puppets or dolls don’t already have a name, you can have...