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Motor Development – FEATS Techniques

Holding a Writing Implement Properly

Kicking A Rolling Ball

“Getting Your Kicks” Have your child stand in one place. You roll a ball directly towards your child. As the ball is near him, state “Kick the ball!” Watch for the step/kick approach (stepping forward with one foot, kicking the ball with the other foot, and the foot...

Holding a Writing Implement Properly


“Tumbling Tykes” Don’t be afraid!  Show your child how it’s done! Talk to your child about each action while it is happening. Have your child squat down and put both hands on the floor in front. Tell your child, “Tuck in your head to your chin,” modeling the action....

Holding a Writing Implement Properly


“Don’t Skip The Basics” Skipping can be a difficult skill for your child as it requires using both sides of the body in a cross pattern (i.e., left arms swings forward as right leg swings up, and visa versa). Your child generally needs to feel comfortable hopping on...

Holding a Writing Implement Properly

Riding a Tricycle

Riding a Tricycle with Pedals, Maneuvering Around Obstacles, Turning, Stopping and Starting “Road-Test” To determine if the tricycle is the right size for your child when on the seat, both feet should rest firmly on the pedals and remain on the pedals when revolving...

Holding a Writing Implement Properly

Walking Alone

“These Boots Are Made For Walkin”   Walk holding both of your child’s hands, hold just one hand, then briefly withdraw and re-introduce your hand(s) for support. When you return after an absence, verbally greet your child from a distance, but wait until he...