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Behavior Management

Tantrums – Tirades and Tyranny


How can I get my child to ‘Go with the flow’?” When your child’s routine is interrupted and/or when transitions are imposed, he may become frustrated, resist, and/or demonstrate other challenging behavior (e.g., tantrums). Here are some suggestions to help your child...

Tantrums – Tirades and Tyranny


How much of shyness can be attributed to “nature” and how much to “nurture?”  While we cannot say with certainty, it is clear that shyness has a strong genetic/biological component.  But it is also clear that we can become more confident and outgoing with a little...

Tantrums – Tirades and Tyranny

Anxiety and Fear

The expression “Time heals all wounds” is nice, but not entirely true.  Specifically, time heals most wounds, but not anxiety.  For example, if you have a fear of flying in an airplane, you will very likely continue to have that fear of flying many years from now.  Of...