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Increasing your child’s attention span will help him become more available for learning.

  • Store toys in consistent locations, and prompt your child to help with clean-up.
  • Organize toys by category (balls with balls, dolls with dolls, blocks with blocks).
  • Minimize distractions and eliminate changes.
  • Touch your child’s hand to prompt attention.
  • Use pointing to increase your child’s attention.
  • Verbally coach your child through tasks.
  • Establish and maintain consistent routines.
  • Play games, sing sounds, and read books with familiar patterns.
  • Model appropriate task completion with a beginning, middle, and end.
  • Play hide-and-seek with favorite objects (allow observation of you hiding objects in a few places then do not allow observation of hiding).
  • Use “absurdities” (e.g. hold a phone to your ear, but then push it along the floor like a car, make it “fly” like a plane, put it on your foot like a shoe, etc., etc.).
  • Increase length of tasks (e.g., “Get your coat”; “get my coat and your coat”).
  • Play auditory/visual memory games (e.g., use speech sounds and gestures at your child’s level to play a developmentally appropriate version of “Simon Says”).