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Asking Simple Questions/Using A Rising Intonation

“There Is No Such Thing As A Stupid Question”

  • Ask your child questions frequently throughout the day (e.g., “What do you want?”; “What are you doing?”; “Where are you going?”).
  • Expand on your phrase (e.g., When your child says “cat go?” you say, “Where did the cat go?”).
  • Put your child’s favorite things into a grab bag.  Shake it up.  Ask questions about the game, and invite him to respond.
  • Present your child with only a few of the items used to complete a task.  Turn your palms up and shrug your shoulders.  Wait for him to respond.
  • Look through picture books and take turns pointing to each picture saying, “What’s that?”
  • Start an activity without using words to see if it will prompt your child to ask a question.
  • Have your child repeat questions that you model.
  • Create opportunities throughout the day that will encourage your child to ask questions.