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lightbulbI was greatly inspired by the book “Single Session Therapy: Maximizing the Effect of the First (and Often Only) Therapeutic Encounter,” by Moshe Talmon.  Psychologists often have only a single session with a patient, and then the patient does not return.  Was the psychologist incompetent or offensive?  Was the patient too defensive or absent of insight?

Happily, Talmon proves a much more optimistic explanation. He cites research on hundreds of single-session cases that resulted in prompt, substantial, and lasting change in the patient’s life. He reported that the patient often simply needed a “little something” (perhaps a little solution, a little insight, a little encouragement, a little support, or a little inspiration) to build upon their existing strengths and to heal themselves.

Throughout these pages, we have provided hundreds of little bits of insight, encouragement,  strategy, inspiration, and solution options.  From our hearts to yours, we hope you enjoy Maximum Strength Parenting!